RETYZ More Than Just a Cable Tie
The first of its kind, RETYZ is the only tie that can Cinch Tight, Release Easy, and RETYZ!

Bundle, Fasten, Secure, Organize and Release with Ease

RETYZ's unique reversed head creates the perfect reusable tie that easily releases without tools improving efficiency and safety while reducing damage, cost, and waste.

Feed the tail

Step 1: Feed Tail

Feed the tie tail through opening in the head

Pull tail to cinch tight

Step 2: Cinch Tight

Cinch tight by pulling the tail

Pinch for easy release

Step 3: Easy Release

Pinch the tie head and pull to remove

Store your RETYZ for next use


Find the next project to reuse your RETYZ™

What our customers are saying...
"These zip ties are exactly what we needed. Completely functional and easy to use. Safe and reusable!"
- ExtraSpace
"These ties have been great for organization of our maintenance shop to hang supplies and inventory off the cage walls as well as uses for "temp" projects that will be relocated or removed so the ties can be reused again and again."
- Crocs
"GREAT FOR AVIATION. My Techs install and remove many wiring harnesses in aircraft and these cable ties are working great for them! I will definitely order more."
- AQRD Aerospace Quality Research and Development
These companies are releasing easy with RETYZ
Kwalu Boeing Trane Texolve Medical Murray City of Greensboro SpaceX L3Harris Kwalu Boeing Trane Texolve Medical Murray City of Greensboro SpaceX L3Harris
What is RETYZ?
RETYZ Explainer
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Easily tighten, adjust, and relase easily without tools.
A unique design rotates the fastener head for easy access and easy adjustments.
A non-destructive release method allows RETYZ to be reused again and again.
Light and Strong
Durability and strength combined create a genuinely versatile tie.
Easy to Use
Using two finger and a light pinching action is all that is requried.
Cost Effective
Enjoy reusability that is environmentally conscious while reducing costs.
Available in Strong, Stronger and Strongest
.... How tough is your job?
Picture for category RETYZ VersaTie (18 Lbs)
RETYZ VersaTie (18 Lbs)

Introducing the VersaTie from RETYZ - the ultimate solution for your organization needs. Available in 7 different colors, the VersaTie offers both style and functionality. With a tensile strength of 18 lbs, it is perfect for securing lightweight objects.

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Picture for category RETYZ EveryTie (50 lbs)
RETYZ EveryTie (50 lbs)

The small and flexible EveryTie™ is perfect for many everyday light-duty and medium-duty jobs. EveryTie™ is available in a number of size/color combinations from 6 to 16 inches and can support loads of 50lbs or more.

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Picture for category RETYZ WorkTie (120 lbs)
RETYZ WorkTie (120 lbs)

As the job gets more challenging, you can depend on the heavy-duty strength of the WorkTie™ to stand up to the task. RETYZ™ WorkTie™ is available in various size/color combinations from 14 to 24 inches and able to support loads of 120lbs or more.

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Picture for category RETYZ ProTie (175 lbs)
RETYZ ProTie (175 lbs)

The robust and well-built construction of the ProTie™ provides strength and durability, allowing the ProTie™ to stand up to the most formidable jobs. RETYZ ProTie™ is available in several size/color combinations from 32 to 36 inches and can support loads of 150lbs or more.

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