Picture for category RETYZ EveryTie (50 lbs)
The small and flexible EveryTie™ is perfect for many everyday standard-duty jobs. EveryTie™ is available in a number of size/color combinations from 6 to 16 inches and can support loads of 50lbs or more.
50 Lbs 6 -14 Inches Standard Duty Strong
Picture for category RETYZ WorkTie (120 lbs)
As the job gets more challenging, you can depend on the heavy-duty strength of the WorkTie™ to stand up to the task. RETYZ™ WorkTie™ is available in various size/color combinations from 14 to 24 inches and able to support loads of 120lbs or more.
120 Lbs 14-24 Inches Extra Duty Stronger
Picture for category RETYZ ProTie (175 lbs)
The robust and well-built construction of the ProTie™ provides strength and durability, allowing the ProTie™ to stand up to the most formidable jobs. RETYZ ProTie™ is available in several size/color combinations from 32 to 36 inches and can support loads of 175lbs or more.
175 Lbs 32 - 36 Inches Super Duty Strongest