RETYZ™ WorkTie™

Additional strength for more demanding jobs upto 120lbs

When the task demands more, RETYZ WorkTie

RETYZ WorkTie easy to use, ergonmic, tool-free design improves productivity, enhances comfort and increases safety.
50 Lbs of Holding Power

Strong Holding Power

Designed, developed, and fabricated while focusing on reliability and durability, the RETYZ EveryTie supports at least 50Lbs.

Flexible and Versatile

Flexible and Versatile

RETYZ EveryTie strap width has been carefully selected to provide optimal holding power while remaining flexible and easy to manipulate.

Hands of all sizes

An Extra Hand, When You Need It

Always available and ready to provide an extra hand, RETYZ WorkTie is the perfect companion to tackle the next solo project, again and again.

No Tools Required

Easy Damage-Free/No-Cut Adjustment

The EveryTie requires no tools to cinch tight and release, even when under load, ensuring fasten and bundles items are not accidentally damaged.

Virtually Endless Uses

Virtually Endless Uses

RETYZ versatile and robust design creates an endless number of uses at the job site, back of the truck, the next camping trip, and everywhere in between.

Fastest and most efficient tie

Fast, Efficient and "Neat"

RETYZ patented design provides unmatched speed while increasing productivity by simultaneously removing the need to use tools with an enhanced and effortless release action.

Easy Tool-free Operation

Easily release with just two fingers and no tools. That means less time spent finding the right tool and more time getting the job done.

 Picture of 14 Inch RETYZ WorkTie Releasable TiesPicture of 24 Inch RETYZ WorkTie Releasable Ties
14 Inch RETYZ WorkTie Releasable Ties24 Inch RETYZ WorkTie Releasable Ties
From $41.99From $76.99
14 Inch (355mm)24 Inches (609mm)
0.29 Inch (7.6mm)0.29 Inch (7.6mm)
100 Pack100 Pack
Nylon 6/6 - General PurposeNylon 6/6 - General Purpose
120 Lbs (533N)120 Lbs (533N)
3.93 Inches (100mm)7.12 Inches (181mm)
-40⁰C to 85⁰C-40⁰C to 85⁰C